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Artist Highlight - Keilidh Bradley

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

In our Ddraig House artist highlight we celebrate the artists and animators who have been working hard to bring our games to life!


My name is Keilidh and I’m an animator, character designer and story artist from Scotland. I have previously studied at Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee and Gobelins in Paris. I’ve worked for various animation studios and recently published a book on animal cartooning. Since joining the team at Ddraig House, I’ve worked on Dragon Caffi, Lunafon and some of the other exciting titles in development.

Personal Character Designs

I was always into cartoons as a child and knew I wanted to be an animator since I was 13 years old. Some of the series that inspire me the most are How To Train Your Dragon, The Legend of Zelda, Okami and Princess Mononoke. I really love folklore, mythology, adventures and nature.


I really love folklore, mythology, adventures and nature.


I trained in animated filmmaking, though I always wanted to experience working in games as they’ve been such a big part of my whole life. I was thrilled to get to work for Ddraig House; I have a strong love of Celtic mythology and couldn’t believe my luck that they wanted to work with me!

Concept Character Animation for Unreleased Title.

Animating and designing for games came with exciting new technical challenges that I hadn’t faced before in filmmaking, for example working on an isometric grid or figuring out how cycles could transition into each other. I also had the pleasure of getting to work in a variety of animation styles, from simplistic and minimal work for Dragon Caffi, to more traditionally animated works for Lunafon and other titles.

Concept Character Animation for an Unreleased Title

What’s nice about working in a small studio is that there are opportunities to wear many hats. It keeps your mind and skills sharp to be on different projects with different styles. In one such project, I both designed and animated the an enemy character, which allowed me to be a lot more experimental and feel like I had some ownership over how they looked and moved.

I had a wonderful time working for Ddraig House. Since the end of my contract, I am now a storyboard artist for feature animation which was another big career goal I had. I have my own ideas for indie films and games that I’d love to make someday, but for now I’m enjoying helping to bring other people’s projects to life and learning all that I can along the way!

See more of Keilidh's Work:


Without Keilidh's abilities and enthusiasm many of our projects would still be in the idea stage.

Come back and see her creations come to life in our upcoming release!

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